tyler the creator歌词

Tyler, The Creator Diaper歌词

11/01 10:09
Got a problem with the golf ? fuck it then pick a spot like you're eating lunch and its brunch we could bring the beef and the pots and the pans fuck it we could bring a lot I just want to know if you can come and suck a dick or not? hit her up pick

Tyler, The Creator Yonkers歌词

07/02 01:27
[Verse 1] I'm a fuckin' walkin' paradox, no I'm not Threesomes with a fuckin' triceratops, Reptar Rappin' as I'm mockin' deaf rock stars Wearin' synthetic wigs made of Anwar's dreadlocks Bedrock, harder than a muthafuckin' Flintstone Makin' crack roc

Tyler, The Creator She (feat. Frank Ocean)歌词

11/01 20:29
[Verse 1: Frank Ocean] Golden rubbers іח tһеѕе denim pockets (denim pockets) Oח mу waist, tһеrе's a black Glock (black Glock) Nеw girl mονеԁ οח tһе block (οח tһе block) Sһе bееח plottin' οח mу brown cock (brown cock) Last night I slept over һеrѕ (ove

Tyler, The Creator Domo23歌词

11/26 23:26
[Verse 1: Tyler the Creator] Sick to my motherfucking tummy B***h must think I'm a motherfucking dummy Because I dress bummy, b***h think I'm broke B***h, I ate one roach and I made a lot of money Popping since b*****d, (manager) Clancy is my slave m

Tyler, The Creator Sandwitches (feat. Hodgy Beats)歌词

03/02 15:16
[ti:Sandwitches] [ar:Tyler The Creator] [al:Goblin] [offset:0] [00:59.72]N*gga had the f*ckin' nerve to call me immature [01:02.28]F*ck you think I made Odd Future for? [01:04.15]To wearin' f*ckin' suits and make good decisions? [01:05.53]F*ck that n

Tyler, The Creator IFHY歌词

12/15 06:38
[Verse 1: Tyler, The Creator] I never would of thought that, Feelings could get thrown in the air. Cause I accidentally caught that. I need some new boxing gloves, shit got hectic whenever I fall back For example, ten minutes can go past without you

Tyler, The Creator 48歌词

07/17 14:58
[Intro: Nas] Crack fucked up the world, and I wonder if they realized the damage I mean, they come from an era who made a lot of money of that shit I wonder if it fucked with their conscience It fucked with me being out there, I couldn't stand it I c

Tyler, The Creator PartyIsntOver_ Campfire_ Bimmer歌词

10/13 03:21
[Hook 1: Tyler The Creator] You remind me of my bimmer A lot of trunk space, the perfect two seater You got a lot of drive I'm trying to keep up But it's not a lot of miles on ya meter You remind me of my bimmer See your ignition, baby girl I'm tryin

Tyler, The Creator Answer歌词

03/04 01:20
[Hook 1: Tyler] Because when I call I hope you pick up your phone I'd like to talk to you I hope you answer (x4) Because when I call I hope you pick up your phone I'd like to talk to you I hope you answer [Verse 1: Tyler] Hey Dad, it's me, um... Oh,

Tyler, The Creator Bastard歌词

03/08 09:26
This is what the devil plays before he goes to sleep Some food for thought some food for death, go 'head and fuckin' eat My father's dead well I don't know, we'll never fuckin' meet I cut my wrist and play piano cause I'm so depressed Somebody call t

Tyler, The Creator Seven歌词

11/13 03:41
I'd tell him to eat a dick quicker than Mexicans sprint over borders I give a fuck like a quarter with 20 cent At Hamptons with Fred Hampton relaxin' at Happy Camper It's the fuckin' financial aid at Hamptons wasn't relaxin', I'm taxin' "Fuck 'em all

Tyler, The Creator Goblin歌词

05/08 19:47
[ti:Goblin] [ar:Tyler The Creator] [al:Goblin] [00:01.96]You wouldn't do that Tyler, kill yourself or anyone [00:07.15]You don't even have the balls to begin with [00:17.28]What you need is me, someone to talk to [00:22.40]Uh, it's been a while since

Tyler, The Creator Nightmare歌词

10/27 11:32
[ti:Nightmare] [ar:Tyler The Creator] [al:Goblin] [00:03.91]So, you tell me that everything just isn't going well [00:09.11]Well, first off [04:19.83][04:14.67][04:04.53][03:59.37][02:11.77][02:06.64][01:30.84][01:25.71][00:24.41][00:19.27] [00:29.55

Tyler, The Creator Wolf歌词

01/03 05:04
[Intro] Fuck you, fuck you, fuck you, fuck him Fuck everything else I can see I know, fuck you I hate you so fucking much I know you think I'm crazy Cause I think you're a fucking fag [Skit] Dr. TC: Sam, the music sounds good, man! You've been practi

Tyler, The Creator French! (featuring Hodgy Beats)歌词

10/31 03:05
Got all the black bitches mad cause my main bitch vanilla She tryna get her groove back like Stella, grab the umbrella When it comes to your perception of my shit, I'm Helen Keller When it comes to the perfection of my shit, I know you smell the Rect

Tyler, The Creator Colossus歌词

06/11 19:48
[ti:Colossus] [ar:Tyler The Creator] [al:Wolf] [by:] [offset:0] [00:00.11]Colossus - Tyler The Creator [00:00.92]Went to Six Flags, six fags came up and said "Ayo [00:03.95]Can we get a pic?", I said no [00:05.94]And they said "Oh it's Wolf

Tyler, The Creator VCR/Wheels歌词

12/31 14:57
I don't want to play you, I just want to tape you undressing And then I'll lay you down and record soft porn If it's romance then it's hardcore, if it's horror Pop the pop corn, the thoughts to rape you really turns me on Press my buttons, baby Press

Tyler, The Creator Jamba歌词

08/18 15:04
[ti:Jamba (feat. Hodgy Beats)] [ar:Tyler The Creator;Hodgy Bea] [al:Wolf] [by:] [offset:0] [00:00.73]Jamba (feat. Hodgy Beats) - Tyler The Creator [00:04.91]Papa ain't call even though he saw me on TV, it's all good (Fuck You) [00:09.10] [00:10.16]Bu

Tyler, The Creator Awkward歌词

03/10 05:56
[ti:Awkward] [ar:Tyler The Creator] [al:Wolf] [by:] [offset:0] [00:00.68]Awkward - Tyler The Creator [00:03.17]I was 16 when we first laid eyes [00:05.55]Scrawny little fucker yeah I was that guy [00:08.98]And you was down for the weekend [00:11.16]I

Tyler, The Creator Slater歌词

07/16 01:33
[ti:Slater (feat. Frank Ocean)] [ar:Tyler The Creator;Frank Oce] [al:Wolf] [by:] [offset:0] [00:00.30]Slater (feat. Frank Ocean) - Tyler The Creator [00:01.55]Me and Slater just hit a curb, [00:04.04]Bunny hop, zoning out, listening to N.E.R.D. [00:0