where the seasons keep turning round

Fossil Collective On & On歌词

07/20 00:12
Try to remember how the story goes I'm by the side of the road the moon was high the trees all black as coal. Why did I run where did I go, back at the side of the road I tried to walk a long long time ago On & on - the silence seems to matter - you

Various Artists Turning Japanese歌词

08/24 15:13
I've got your picture of me and you You wrote, "I love you," I wrote "Me, too" I sit there staring and there's nothing else to do Oh, it's in color, your hair is brown Your eyes are hazel and soft as clouds I often kiss you when there'

Modern English Tables Turning歌词

07/13 19:30
The bells are tolling for me and my love discreet horizon's fading, but fading from my trust all the walls are falling 'round my ears I can see the writing's on the wall can't you tell me what's the use? I always place my trust in you reaching out fo

Icehouse No Promises歌词

08/21 01:09
a winter palace from the arabian nights white waves on an ocean gems from a golden age life in your new world turning round and round making some sense where there's no sense at all no promises but if you should fall stars die in the silence of arabi

Various Artists Autumn Leaves (Estiva Remix)歌词

11/28 01:56
Fall like whispers on the ground Never make a sound Gone like seasons turning round Leaves in Autumn Fall like whispers on the ground Never make a sound Gone like seasons turning round Leaves in Autumn falling down Float-.Float-.Float- 专辑:A State Of

Venke Knutson Kiss歌词

02/11 08:04
Kiss Venke Knutson By:Airyko Shadows fall, Leaving traces in your face, That I can look for when I'm old, And think of all the days we could have missed, Now here again, I'm always young in the silly lines, Of poetry, But I believe, That tide is turn

Saosin Finding Home歌词

10/28 11:10
Saosin-Finding home --------------------------- If only i had truthfully seen That night we'll never relive But you and i could not go and walk away Just close your eyes You'll never see me crashing down I see where we had common doubt I'd be lonely

Priscilla Ahn When You Grow Up歌词

04/15 04:14
When you were young enough Doing all that fun kid stuff Did you think of what you'd be? Marco polo in the pool Kickball games behind the school Playing tag and hide 'n seek When you grow up, what kind of boy will you be? Oh, what will you be? Drawing

Joni Mitchell The Circle Game歌词

03/05 21:23
Yesterday a child came out to wander Caught a dragonfly inside a jar Fearful when the sky was full of thunder And tearful at the falling of a star And the seasons they go round and round And the painted ponies go up and down We're captive on the caro

Soundtrack Saving Forever for You歌词

03/17 08:46
Hoo-ooh- I've never been so sure About anything before But this loving feeling Gonna be a feeling I feel forever more Looking in your eyes Tomorrow's all I see Long as there's forever, baby I will always be Saving forever for you, baby You are the on

Tyler Hilton Keep On歌词

10/15 06:25
Everybody knows how's the story about the first one Who tought'em how to hurt Let their hopes sustain When its gone on quite enough And your sick of staying down I know what you need You got to live it like it sounds When you lose what you love, live

The Red Jumpsuit Apparatus False Pretense歌词

06/22 15:49
False Pretense Ohh (It's time to let it go) The world's got a funny way of turning round on you When a friend tries to stab you right in the face Losing faith in everything I thought I hoped and knew Don't sweat it, set off false pretense Betray, you

Soundtrack False Pretense歌词

06/04 03:34
[ti:False Pretense] [ar:The Red Jumpsuit Apparatus] [al:Don't You Fake It] [by:] [offset:0] [00:00.36]False Pretense - The Red Jumpsuit Apparatus [00:05.75]It's time to let it go [00:06.88] [00:13.44]The world's got a funny way [00:15.02]Of turning '

Pink Martini Sunday Table歌词

10/20 17:54
Sunday Table - Pink Martini She is walking quickly Like there's some place she must be In her eyes, there's no one There is no one she needs He sits with his paper At a Sunday table Just another morning She steps into his gaze He looks at her She loo

Morcheeba Tape Loop歌词

04/11 06:13
-= morcheeba < tape loop >=- --杭州 > pub 1991 tape loop, keeps on turning round forever patience, love is coming 'round for your pleasure wait now, no use trying to push there's no need people, go against the grain with their greed i've been here

Devo What We Do歌词

11/26 19:21
What we do is what we do What we do is what we do What we do is what we do What we do is what we do What we do is what we do It's all the same, there's nothing new What we do is what we do It's turning 'round on me and you What we do is what we do Ju

Milkymee Koenji monkey歌词

09/14 04:40
I still think of the monkey I saw in Koenji that day in that bizarre pet store were all the owners smoked away he was swirling circles in its cage turning round and round all day like a monkey whirling dervish it'd clearly gone insane Like Nietzsche


04/18 08:17
She looks smiley He looks friendly You maybe nice Don't know who I am She is talkative He is whiner You are innocent Don't know how I am She keeps talking He keeps begging You are stainless But I keep driving Though I know you're the one who would en

Charlie Landsborough Love You Every Second歌词

01/26 18:45
Down the years There'll be days When we must be apart So I bought this small watch For to measure the time The inscription it carries Comes straight from the heart To remind you You'll always be mine ------- CHORUS: Love you every second It's simple

Bruce Springsteen Your Own Worst Enemy歌词

04/13 19:31
[ti:Your Own Worst Enemy] [ar:Bruce Springsteen] [al:Magic] [00:-2.00]Bruce Springsteen - Your Own Worst Enemy [00:-1.00] [00:00.00]Lyrics by Kevin Boul @ LK歌词组 Rock分队 [00:04.00] [00:04.73]You can't sleep at night [00:08.90]You can't dream your dream