matt Wertz snow blobe 歌词

Matt Wertz Snow Globe歌词

10/27 19:54
La la la-la, la la la-la, la la la-la ah la-la La la la-la, la la la-la, la la la-la ah la-la There's a window into a magical place Where I've always wanted to go And am I dreaming or am I awake I don't know it just feels like home 'Cause Santa's alw

Matt Wertz Tennessee Christmas歌词

08/06 18:46
Come on weatherman Give us a forecast snowy white Can't you hear the prayers Of every childlike heart tonight Rockies are callin', Denver snow fallin' Somebody said it's four feet deep But it doesn't matter Give me the laughter I'm gonna choose to ke

Matt Wertz 5:19歌词

01/12 18:20
5:19-Matt Wertz I'd be lying through my teeth if I told u That I'm ok July came I thought I had it all together Until you said "I need some space" Truth be told It's so hard to wait One eye on the clock And one on the phone It's 5:19... I'm feel

Matt Wertz Somebody New歌词

11/26 03:10
Matt Wertz - Somebody New I g-g-give you every reason, You t-t-told me give it time, It seems that we always have hours never arrive I c-c-cry you seven oceans b-b-but my tears couldn't make you see I finally realise I'm not for you And you're not fo

Matt Wertz Keep Faith歌词

03/11 01:17
Matt Wertz - Keep Faith LRC by lzh ,from jiangxi pingxiang @ @ Everybody hurts Everybody's broken But you gotta know If you ever need me I will be waiting I... Even when your hope is gone Even when you're barely holding on If there's anything that I'

Matt Wertz Summer Sun歌词

02/20 00:12
Matt Wertz - Summer Sun LRC by lzh ,from jiangxi pingxiang @ @ remember the long days singing through palm leaves remember the ocean air wearin our brown skin sprinkled with sea breeze wind blowing through your august hair summer sun, nothin but time

Matt Wertz Easier Tonight歌词

09/27 14:10
Matt Wertz - Easier Tonight So the stage is set, the stars and moon above I've come so far to get here, baby look at us I am as nervous now as I was back then Staring back at me in that white summer dress The smell of jasmine takes me back to our fir

Matt Wertz Feels So Right歌词

06/06 14:10
Are you ready to hear it Got this feeling and it won't go away I don't know how to hide it So it's time that I finally say Ooh... It feels so right Knowin' I could love you for the rest of my life Ooh... It feels so right Knowin' I could love you for

Matt Wertz Waiting歌词

06/25 07:58
I'm waiting, all of my life been waiting To get it right, but that still seems like its so far away And I'm taking all the advice I'm given Trying to find out how a kid like me becomes a man 'Cause I guess I'm just scared I'm the only one here Growin

Matt Wertz Running Back to You歌词

07/17 14:38
Matt Wertz - Running Back To You Maybe you always learn the hard way Maybe the only way is through After all it does just settle You'll the only thing I know it's true Either way, either way I am running back to you, running back to you Run away, run

Matt Wertz What I Know Right Now歌词

02/22 19:03
What I Know Right Now - Matt Wertz Looking back, I was so naive To think the world was spining round me I kept on pushin' but it didn't budge Kept on tryin' but it never was I thought that I could pave my way But the truth had something else to say C

Matt Wertz Get to You歌词

09/03 12:26
Get to You - Matt Wertz Another open road, another midnight highway For this wayward soul, mmm, but if I had it my way I'd close these miles, I wouldn't be this far From everything I know, from where you are Wherever I'm headed to, walls I've gotta b

Matt Wertz Back In June歌词

12/17 13:20
Back In June Back in June, when we were so young, It''s gone too soon, befor our love was done. We had a chance to make it happen, We had a chance to love somehow. It could have been so picture perfect, It''s too late to have that now. Ooh, ooh, ooh.

Matt Wertz Don't Come Easy 4:10 Not Available歌词

02/10 08:09
Don't Come Easy-Matt Wertz Today is gonna be the day I'll find the words I need to say Cause there ain't any other way To tell you how I'm feeling This is where I've always turned Retreated so I don't get burned And now with these lessons learned I'm

Matt Wertz I Will Not Take My Love Away歌词

04/07 07:36
Matt Wertz - I Will Not Take My Love Away LRC by lzh ,from jiangxi pingxiang @ @ I will not take my love away When praises cease and seasons change while the whole world turns the other way I will not take my love away I will not leave you all alone

Matt Wertz With You, Tonight歌词

09/02 18:14
Saturday, six hundred miles lie between the two of us and telephones that cant replace me with you face to face you gotta tell me its true you feel the same im so much better when i say your name let me be with you tonight everything will be just fin

Matt Wertz Everything's Right歌词

07/06 23:50
Everything's Right-Matt Wertz My Super Ex-Girlfriend我的超人女友 windows down as the night blows in tap the beat on the wheel as the tires spin until we're there crank the radio we'll join in with the songs we know hey,everything's right said everything's

Matt Wertz Everything Will Be Alright歌词

06/17 18:45
There's no need to worry, maybe We could leave it behind Most of my troubles are self-created They just live in my mind Chorus: (2x) Why do we try When it always ends up fine Everything will be alright I'm tired of spending my days here thinkin' Gett

Matt Wertz Falling Off the Face of the Earth歌词

12/17 15:29
Stay away from me I'll be gone soon It's just so hard to let go once we've grabbed hold It's nothing that you've done You're not the only one I'm just learning to be in twenty-three places Cause' I'm falling off the face of the earth Crashing into br

Matt Wertz Carolina歌词

03/03 23:46
Matt Wertz - Carolina LRC by lzh ,from jiangxi pingxiang @ @ Tennessee, January Everything, ordinary You're unlike anything I've seen Is this how I really feel? Or just another heart to steal To fuel the song that's underneath Carolina, you will have