Soundtrack Lonely Nights 歌词

Long, long and lonely nights
I cry my eyes out over you
Wondering if I did right
And why you left me
With a broken heart

Oh, long, long and lonely nights
Oh, how I miss you, my dear
Please, please, come back to me
How I wish you were here

As I go along my lonely way
I visualize your face
When I pass through
(Yeah) my doorway
What's left for me to face

Oh, long, long and lonely nights
I guess you're never coming home
Long, long and lonely nights
Ever since you've been gone


Oh, long, long and lonely nights
I guess you're never coming home
Long, long and lonely nights
Ever since you've been gone

Please, please, come back to me
You've been gone too long

  • 专辑:Raging Bull (The Original Motion Picture Soundtrack)
  • 歌手:Soundtrack
  • 歌曲:Lonely Nights

Soundtrack Lonely Nights 歌词


Scorpions Lonely Nights歌词

06/21 16:22
[ti:] [ar:] [al:] [00:16.69]Since you're gone [00:21.33]There is an empty space [00:25.36]Since you're gone [00:29.42]The world is not the same [00:32.39] [00:35.07]I go back to the places we've been [00:38.35]It feels like you're still there [00:42.

Dok2 Lonely Nights歌词

10/07 16:11
아직도 난 이곳에 누가 뭐래도 I'm livin' my life yeah let's go I willl never let you down 모두가 말해 There's no way to my goal 난 떠나지 못해 I'm on my way Baby trust me I'll do it right 11년 전 집을 떠나 하루도 맘 편히 살아본 적 없이 많은 이들의 무시 시기와 질투 법칙 멋진 꿈 뒤엔 악몽뿐인 현실 비틀거려도 떨어지지 않게만 걷기 이

Dave Cousins Lonely Days, Lonely Nights歌词

04/14 20:04
Submit Lyrics Your name will be printed as part of the credit when your lyric is approved. 专辑:Boy in the Sailor Suit 歌手:Dave Cousins 歌曲:Lonely Days, Lonely Nights

White Lion Lonely Nights歌词

06/21 08:36
The little girl standing in the rain On the corner of 42nd street And she's all alone on the bad side of town Cause there was a little boy That she loved with all her heart But he's far away with another girl Now she's searching for a friend Just to

TNT Lonely Nights歌词

05/06 23:34
All you crave are sleeping days Numb interrupted Blindness is your favourite game You're hated Paranoid and insecure Cracking in your shell Antisocial, unattached You?'re wasted Disenchanted one, used to breathe in the sun Now the black cloud follows

Charlie Musselwhite No More Lonely Nights歌词

12/10 19:26
You only got my heart on a string And everything a flutter But another lonely night might take forever We've only got each other to blame It's all the same to me love 'Cause, I know what I feel to be right No more lonely nights No more lonely nights

Soundtrack Summer Nights歌词

01/17 00:46
Summer Loving Had Me A Blast Summer Loving Happened So Fast I Met A Girl Crazy For Me Met A Boy Cute As Can Be Summer Days Drifting Away To Oh Oh The Summer Nights Tell Me More, Tell Me More Did You Get Very Far Like Does He Have A Car She Swam By Me

Soundtrack Pompeii Nights歌词

11/09 04:37
We're living in a kingdom of rock and roll It's an impound of lust ready to explode We're gonna melt your mind with our guitar might Like those p-p-p-p-p-p-p-pompeii nights Red hot smokin' pompeii nights There ain't no reason to put up a fight Lay do

Soundtrack Wild Nights 歌词

01/30 18:58
[00:13.18]As you brush your shoes [00:15.60]You stand before your mirror [00:20.30]And you comb your hair [00:22.56]Grab your coat and hat [00:27.01]And you walk the streets trying to remember [00:33.73]All those wild nights breeze through your mind