Matthew Barber While Away歌词


Baby don’t worry it’s gonna work out fine
We’re not in a hurry, we’ve got nothing but time to just
while away, while away, while away one more day
I’ve got my problems and you’ve got your fears
Maybe we’ll solve them in a couple of years
but for now I’m gonna while away
while away, while away one more day
There’s something about a summer’s day
that just takes my blues away
Baby take a walk with me once around the willow tree
and listen to what I say
I’ve got your back dear if you’ll stay by my side
Wipe away that tear, I know where we can hide and just
while away, while away, while away one more day

  • 专辑:True Believer
  • 歌手:Matthew Barber
  • 歌曲:While Away

Matthew Barber While Away歌词


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