Eleven Past One Like a Book歌词

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  • 专辑:The Ultimate Catch
  • 歌手:Eleven Past One
  • 歌曲:Like a Book

Eleven Past One Like a Book歌词


Room Eleven You Made Me See It歌词

05/13 03:14
Laying on our backs in the grass Sunlight tickles the tree Scatters its seeds on us Like a silver rain Just to see you breathing Lifts me up Watching you is a dream Please don't wake me up 'Cause I've been told there's so much more To wake up for I g

Eleven Past One Tonight's the Night歌词

08/24 18:16
Tonight's the Night-Eleven Past One by 可思 C-O-M-E girl, just a little bit closer. Cause I will rock your world, And I'll win you over. Let's leave this crowded room There's only room for two and We're flying to the moon Got nothin' to lose All becaus

Finger Eleven Tearing Disguises歌词

10/27 14:44
that wall of yours I'll never break your barriers you won't be hurt your silent message overheard stay away, away stay away, away stay away courage that's what is broken here losing status but never fear blare the trumpets sound the false alarms keep

Room Eleven Lalala Love 歌词

10/23 05:24
I can't write about love no more I should be feeling sad Now I know it wasn't you Who drove me mad It was that chemical stuff in my head Oh lalalalalalalalala Phenylethylamine Can't get enough Oh oh lalalalalala l'amour Noradrenaline Je comprends Lal

Us3 Eleven Long Years歌词

04/13 06:15
Mi tek off mi land down now in Jamaica Callaloo, di box juice, and di sensimillia Givin' thanks and praise to almighty jah jah Glad fi reach now mi safe, mi have fi seen mi father Di sun it a beat and mi a get well para 'Cos a many many tings a di Yo

Pajaro Sunrise Eleven Days歌词

06/17 09:18
Eleven Days different times in a different place mixing up in one eleven days i had to wait for you to come eleven rockets to the moon and none of them in time their fire tails in the starless sky do shine do shine alone 专辑:Done/Undone 歌手:Pajaro Sunr

Eleven Past One The World Is Ours歌词

03/29 14:41
CHORUS: Riding a wave, chasing the sun, only gets better when your with someone Someone that you love who takes your breath away, We're wild and we're young, we're living for today VERSE 1: Tell me where you come from, you look like your hope's gone

Finger Eleven One Thing歌词

02/21 06:34
Restless tonight Cause I wasted the light Between both these times I drew a really thin line It's nothing I planned And not that I can But you should be mine Across that line If I traded it all If I gave it all away for one thing Just for one thing I

Room Eleven Lovely Morning 歌词

06/12 01:39
Oh the horizon moves But I find balance on my knees Where are my clothes? I try to decode words on the post-it That's stuck on my cheek Two socks stare at me Definitely they-re not mine I try to figure out What's written between the lines "You've got