Powderfinger Drifting Further Away歌词

Don't go too deep into the flood
Don't wade too long you'll poison my love
Don't shut me out don't hold it all in
Don't let my venom get under your skin

Cause every word and every turn
And every sign points to your hurt
With every hour your drifting further away

Come make your peace come find your way
Come lay your wreath at the alter of change
Don't lose your step don't break the bones
Don't shoulder your burden out there on your own

Cause every word and every turn
Every sign points to your hurt
With every hour your drifting further away

Don't banish me then bid me home
Don't tell me where I came undone
Don't harbor love like it's all your own
Don't linger over what you've done
Don't sink underneath the weight of when you're trying to carry way too much

And you never should have let go
You could have joined in the whole show
I never should have let go
You never should have let go

Cause every word and every turn
Every sign points to your hurt
With every hour you're drifting further away
Now you're drifting further away
Cause you're drifting further away
And you're drifting further away

  • 专辑:Dream Days at the Hotel Existence
  • 歌手:Powderfinger
  • 歌曲:Drifting Further Away

Powderfinger Drifting Further Away歌词


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