Fleetwood Mac Oh Daddy歌词

Oh daddy,
You know you make me cry,
How can you love me,
I don’t understand why.

Oh daddy,
If i can make you see,
If there’s been a fool around,
It’s got to be me.

Oh daddy,
You soothe me with your smile,
You’re letting me know,
You’re the best thing in my life.

Oh daddy,
If i can make you see,
If there’s been a fool around,
It’s got to be me.
Why are you right when i’m so wrong,
I’m so weak but you’re so strong,
Everything you do is just alright,
And i can’t walk away from you, baby
If i tried.

  • 专辑:Rumours
  • 歌手:Fleetwood Mac
  • 歌曲:Oh Daddy

Fleetwood Mac Oh Daddy歌词


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