Heidi Happy Spring歌词

Watching the flowers grow,
Still waiting for spring in my heart.

Too bad, I didn’t know
That I picked those flowers way too early,

Ooh ooh...

  • 专辑:Flowers, Birds and Home
  • 歌手:Heidi Happy
  • 歌曲:Spring

Heidi Happy Spring歌词


Yeomi Windy Spring歌词

10/29 09:47
봄을 타는게 여자라고 누가 그래 정말 어쩜 햇살 좋은 날에 혼자 어딜 갔니 무심해 뚜다뚜 뚜다뚜 뚜디두다 뚜다뚜 뚜다뚜 뚜루루루루 따라라 따라라 따라라란따란 따라라라라 겨울잠만 자던 맹꽁이 봄이되니 정말 어쩜 너 정말 수상해 봄타는 남자니 참 웃겨 가을 타는게 여자라고 누가 그래 정말 어쩜 가을 빛 고운 날 혼자 어딜 갔니 무심해 뚜다뚜 뚜다뚜 뚜디두다 뚜다뚜 뚜다뚜 뚜루루루루 따라라 따라라 따라라란따란 따라라라라 여름 볕에 여행은 방콕 가을되

Heidi Happy O-O-Oh歌词

05/19 09:08
i'm walking home, it's light outside, the birds are singing, quite annoying. i look around, no-one there, they must have been more disciplined then i, i regret every word i said o- o- oh afraid of all these days ahead. why can't i be normal and contr

Tracy Chapman Spring歌词

11/25 20:28
There's a cloud There's a cloud A blue sky darkening That veils the light of the sun And foretells the rain But there's a bird There are birds And some are singing To greet every new day that may come Like the first of spring It is cold It is cold I'

Heidi Talbot Time 歌词

05/27 10:31
the smart money's on harlow and the moon is in the street the shadow boys are breaking all the laws and you're east of east st. louis and the wind is making speeches and the rain sounds like a round of applause napoleon is weeping in the carnival sal

Kristin Hersh Spring歌词

04/11 13:44
Nothing like chrome when it shines No better weather to drive If you squint you can see it If you limp you can reach it All I want is Spring All I want is you, smiling All I want is green All I want is you, smiling Faithful to the finish, I'm gratefu

群星 Here Comes the Spring歌词

10/01 22:50
Tuesday morning pills remind you it's just another day Feeling sick and so are you for yet another day It's the frown of every smiling face yeah When is the last time we truly believe it? Here comes the spring His stories don't matter Blindfolded sce

Dianne Reeves There'll Be Another Spring歌词

09/09 05:54
Don't cry, there'll be another spring I know our hearts will dance again And sing again, so wait for me till then Be glad the bird is on the wing Another time to love And laugh with me, just wait and see I love you now And I'll love you forever Oh do

Nancy LaMott It Might as Well Be Spring歌词

03/13 23:32
I'm as restless as a willow in a windstorm, I'm as jumpy As puppet on a string I'd say that I had spring fever, but I know it isn't Spring I am starry eyed and vaguely discontented, like a Nightingale without a song to sing O why should I have spring

Heidi Happy Fool歌词

01/12 04:38
i thought you wouldn't care, when i went out the door, down the stairs. still amazed by our kiss good-bye, but i thought alright, that's how it is, my oh my. i am disappointed of myself how could i forget about my best friend love is making such a fo