Rollins Band Liar歌词

You think you're going to live your life alone
In darkness and seclusion... yeah, I know
You've been out there and tried to mix with those animals
And it just left you full of humiliated confusion
So you stagger back home and wait for nothing
But the solitary refinement of your room spits you back onto the streets
And now you're desperate and in need of human contact
And then you meet me and your whole world changes
Because everything I say is everything you've ever wanted to hear
So you drop all you defenses, and you drop all your fears
I'm perfect in every way
'Cause I make you feel so strong and so powerfull inside
You feel so lucky
But your ego obscures reality but you never bothered to
Wonder why things are going so well
You want to know why?

'Cause I'm a liar, yeah, I'm a liar
I'll tear your mind out, I'll burn your soul
I'll turn you into me, I'll turn you into me
'Cause I'm a liar, a liar, a liar, a liar, a liar...

I'll hide behind a smile and understanding eyes
And I'll tell you things that you already know so you can say:
I really identify with you, so much
And all the time that you're needing me is just the time
That I'm bleeding you, don't you get it yet?
I'll come to you like an affliction then I'll leave you like an addiction
You'll never forget me... you wanna know why?

'Cause I'm a liar, yeah, I'm a liar,
I'll rip your mind out, I'll burn your soul,
I'll turn you into me, I'll turn you into me,
'Cause I'm a liar, a liar, liar, liar, liar, liar...

I don't know why I feel the need to lie and cause you so much pain
Maybe it's something inside, maybe it's something I can't explain
'Cause all I do is mess you up and lie to you
I'm a liar, ooooh, I'm a liar
But if you'll give me another chance I swear I'll never lie to you again
'Cause now I see the destructive power of a lie,
They're stronger than truth
I can't believe I ever hurt you, I swear I will never lie to you again, please
Just give me one more chance, I'll never lie to you again, no,
I swear, I will never tell a lie, I will never tell a lie, no, no
Ha ha ha ha ha, ho ho ho! Sucker! Sucker! Ooooh sucker!

I am a liar, yeah, I am a liar, yeah, I like it,
I feel good, ooooh I am a liar... yeah
I lie, I lie, I lie, ooh I lie, I lie, yeah,
Oooooh I'm a liar, I lie, yeah, I like it, I feel good,
I'll lie again, and again, I'll lie again and again and I'll keep lying,
I promise... ha ha ha

  • 专辑:Weight
  • 歌手:Rollins Band
  • 歌曲:Liar


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