VHS or Beta Burn It All Down歌词

We will try to waste them
s'you can try to feel 'em?
It's all in the name of hell
we got to fear it with a good sensation
it's easy come and go

we want something
everyone wants something
everyone's got to believe
we take you to it
nothing else to do
but live the life, it's all a lie

we burn the flags
burn the house
burn the church
just burn it all down

we burn the streets
burn the trees
burn the lessons
burn it all down

we burn the flags
burn the house
burn the church
just burn it all down

we burn the signs
burn the saints
burn the sinners
burn the whole thing down down down
burn it all down

We pay with riches
we took the stitches out of our wounded eyes
install the masses with cynical retraction
they know your coded lies
We can't function, no one here can function
no one can even speak
I hear the bombs, a million shiny bombs
I close my eyes

I'll bring the bread you'll bring the wine
this party's over one last time
burn it all down

  • 专辑:Bring on the Comets
  • 歌手:VHS or Beta
  • 歌曲:Burn It All Down

VHS or Beta Burn It All Down歌词


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