Courrier Paper Ghost歌词

[ti:Paper Ghost (Acoustic Version)]
[al:Cathedrals of Color]
[00:00.37]Paper Ghost (Acoustic Version) - Courrier
[00:01.11]Today I would learn
[00:04.15]the art of leaving earth
[00:08.61]the calculus of sin and salvation
[00:33.85]The war I waged was far above my head,
[00:41.72]the winds of Heaven met, the gates of Hell.
[00:49.83]The angels sang eternally, while the demons were encouraging
[00:57.95]all that was inside of me to give up hope.
[01:06.29]This is how it feels, this is how it feels
[01:18.35]This is how it feels, this is how it feels
[01:47.14]You were standing there, running a brush through your blonde hair unconcerned with the affair because you had faith
[02:01.74]But I wish it came so easily
[02:06.55]to a boy afraid of everything
[02:10.92]but this felt like an awakening
[02:15.09]it felt so free.
[02:19.75]This is how it feels
[02:25.41]this is how it feels
[02:31.73]This is how it feels, this is how it feels
[03:03.93]When the hourglass drained, I swear my world was shuttering
[03:20.15]When the hourglass drained, I swear I felt the summer rain
[03:36.30]When the hourglass drained, I swear it was my wedding day
[03:52.65]When the hourglass drained, I found what I'd been missing, missing. Yeah, yeah, yeah
[04:15.40]This is how it feels
[04:23.61]this is how it feels
[04:31.77]This is how it feels.
[04:47.01]For thy mortal self shall die,
[04:52.23]but from the grave we will arise
[04:56.85]and death will be described as a
[05:00.29]paper ghost

  • 专辑:A Violent Flame
  • 歌手:Courrier
  • 歌曲:Paper Ghost

Courrier Paper Ghost歌词


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