Kylie Minogue Go Hard Or Go Home歌词

Go hard or go home is the motto this year
See the game, don't wait, no time for fear
A lot of niggas gonna hate
When they get left in the rear
But scared money don't make money
That's just how I feel
A lot of people be like Giz
How you get that deal
It didn't happen overnight
Had to be patient, you hear
Well there's a lot of other niggas
With some banging CD's
But they still ain't fucking with Giz
Let me tell you
A lot of niggas trying to be like me but it's hard
And every chance I get I pull they card
I ain't gonna try hard to spit game at y'all niggas
Keep talking slick I'ma take aim at y'all niggas
Y'all'll bust in the air
Scream, let's take it to war
Only got seventeen shots
I got about eighty more
Ten is goin' through you
The other ten in your home
Twenty is spitting at your crew
The rest I save for the law

I don't give a fuck who you go and get
I ain't running or hidin
I done had it, I'm clappin' the iron
Who you ice grillin', why is you eyeing
It's nothin' to me you little niggas
Can't collide with a giant
You hard headed fucks, so defiant
Think it's sweet, we hold heat
Don't try us my weight up like the kid
Pump iron, if I squeeeze, enemies better duck
Or dey dyin', dat's my word
On my seeds, yeah
I mean that for my youngin's
I'll do life in da bing
Scrap and fuck niggas
I don't got no friends, just associates
I keep them a distance, that's appropriate
Enter my zone and get you cracked
Maybe choked a bit
Snap 'til you motionless
Beat you with a bat 'til it snap
And I broke the shit if this weak
You want to act then approach
And get clapped when the toaster spit

  • 专辑:All The Lovers
  • 歌手:Kylie Minogue
  • 歌曲:Go Hard Or Go Home

Kylie Minogue Go Hard Or Go Home歌词


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