Helado Negro Catastrophe歌词

catastrophe doesn’t know where to go
doesn’t have friends, doesn’t have witnesses
he wants to be where he wants to be
he wants to be where she wants to be
so let it seem natural, so let it seem natural
catastrophe goes where he wants to go
catastrophe goes where she wants to go

  • 专辑:Invisible Life
  • 歌手:Helado Negro
  • 歌曲:Catastrophe

Helado Negro Catastrophe歌词


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冻りついた景色 kooritsuita keshiki 舞い降りた わずかな maiorita wazukana 希望さへ 闭ざされていくように消える kibou sae tozasarete yuku you ni kieru 谁だって いつかわかれて dare datte itsuka wakarete しまう运命だと shimau unmei dato その胸に刻み 生きてる sono mune ni kizami ikiteru さよならの意味-- sayonara no imi i m

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Red Catastrophe 原曲『紅楼 - Eastern Dream...』 Album『Catastrophe Eve』 Vocal:F9 Arrange:Blue Twinkle Lyric:M.I.O 許されない愛 ポケットに閉まったの ごめんなさい-渡せないよ 赤に染まる手紙 許されない愛情 綴った紙切れにも 歴史はまだ淡いけれど 情が染み込んでる 神は Ah... いない Ah... あの子を傷つけて 私を傷つけて 深愛だけ貪り求めるだけ やがて奪い合う気持ちは 冷めた悪を作り

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[spanish] La ciudad se llama Duke Nuevo Mexico el estado Entre la gente mafiosa Su fama se a propagado Causa de una nueva droga Que los gringos han creado Dicen que es color azul Y que es pura calidad Esa droga poderosa que circula en la ciudad Y los

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De manhã, temendo, que me achasses feia! Acordei, tremendo, deitada n'areia Mas logo os teus olhos disseram que não, E o sol penetrou no meu coração. Vi depois, numa rocha, uma cruz, E o teu barco negro dançava na luz Vi teu braço acenando, entre as

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[ti:Red Catastrophe (Kirin Remix)] [ar:Amateras Records] [al:Re:Imagination] [by:遠心力] [00:00.19] [00:00.20] [00:00.21] [00:00.22] [00:00.23] [00:00.24] [00:29.75]「Red Catastrophe (Kirin Remix)」 [01:24.50] [01:25.75]神は ah いない [01:44.75] [02:22.75]あの子を