Good Charlotte Cardiology歌词

Heart is a vessel that can carry you far away
Further than you ever gone before
It could swallow an ocean in the palm of your hand
But only if you open up that door

Cardiology is guiding you and me
Through ancient history
A new technology
Cardiology is a mystery

Is there a formula that could possibly explain
What can feel so good bring you so much pain?
Science is no help when we reach the day
We face the truth that life can slip away

Cardiology is guiding you and me
Through ancient history
A new technology
Cardiology is a mystery

Take apart this heart tell me where to start
No book that I can find has the answer
A medicine can't cure the fact that I'm still yours
Even though you've gone on without me

Cardiology is guiding you and me
Through ancient history
A new technology
Cardiology is a mystery

  • 专辑:Cardiology
  • 歌手:Good Charlotte
  • 歌曲:Cardiology

Good Charlotte Cardiology歌词


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